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    • Historically significant VW 39 Beetle from now on in our permanent exhibition
    • Meet and greet with Porsche guru Magnus Walker
    • Till mid-November 2018 our "Berlin-Rom-Wagen" will be displayed at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles
    • Now on display: BMW Turbo (1972)
    • Just arrived: Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1

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    Historically significant VW 39 Beetle from now on in our permanent exhibition

    In 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, this VW 39 was the first of a total of just 14 to leave the Porsche plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and was the only one in its series to be preserved. The VW 39 was designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche as a high-speed variant and was used as a test vehicle by him and his son Ferry Porsche. Temporarily a performance-enhanced type 64 engine, which provided 32 hp instead of the usual 23.5 hp had been installed. Noticeable details are the vertical fold on the now arched bonnet, the concave bumper horns and the improved interior heating. The nameplate identifies this vehicle as a Porsche. New and defining for all subsequent models is the chassis number, which begins with a "1", followed by a hyphen and a five-digit number, which already suggests a series production. After several years of restoration, this unique pretzel beetle is now part of our permanent exhibition.

    Meet and greet with Porsche guru Magnus Walker

    The eccentric Porsche 911 cult collector Magnus Walker will be our guest on March 21, 2018! He takes us on a jaunt through his incredible personal history and tells us how he became the "Urban Outlaw": fashion designer, car enthusiast and with his hip-length dreadlocks, the tattoos and his love of the unconventional a thoroughly authentic original. Even as a child, he was a fervent Porsche fan - back then in the British working-class city of Sheffield, where sports cars were rather the exception. As a teenager he dropped out of school, emigrated to the US, initially sold self-designed punk fashion in Venice Beach, was then successful in the real estate business and created with his fashion label costumes for Madonna. Meanwhile, he calls a spectacular Porsche 911 collection his own. He creatively redesigned regular Porsches from 1964 model on, with which he often likes to race on the roads of the world. He lives his own personal Porsche 911 dream and allows us to participate in it by streaking through his biography on this evening. We are happy to present this first German public presetation of "Dirt Don't Slow You Down" together with Delius Klasing Verlag! Registration at (keyword "Magnus Walker" – if you have already registered through facebook, no further registration is needed). Tickets are only available in the evening at the door by cash payment only. Admission: 30, - € incl. a copy of the book that can be signed by Magnus Walker. However, the registration is no guarantee of admission. We recommend early appearance. Start 19:00. Event language is English.


    On display at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

    From 3. January 2018, our "Berlin-Rom-Wagen" will be displayed at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. As part of the exhibition “The Porsche Effect” the legendary Porsche will definitely cause some excitement! The Petersen Museum - considered by many as one of the best car museums in the world - shows around 150 exquisite old-timers on an area of approx. 9,300 m². By mid-November 2018, our Porsche Type 64 will be back in Hamburg.

    BMW Turbo dated 1972

    From now on this concept car, which has been built only twice, will be part of our permanent exhibition! First presented in 1972 for the Munich Olympics, it was equally regarded as a design study by BMW chief designer Paul Bracq and a rolling test laboratory for forward-looking technology. Based on the BMW Turbo, the BMW M1 was developed and is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. The BMW Turbo, which is a loan of the BMW Group Classic, is expected to be on display here until the end of 2018.

    Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1

    Just arrived and now part of our permanent exhibition: The Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 (mock-up) from 2017, which achievedthe overall victory in the 24 Hours of le Mans in 2015, 2016 and 2017. We thank Schaeffler Germany for this great loan!